Melissa Lerner, LCSW

White Tablet

It is in  giving voice to our struggles, to the details that comprise our lives that meaning can be found  and fulfillment achieved. 

Melissa Lerner is a licensed clinical social worker who has been practicing for over 30 years in public mental health as well as private practice settings. She has worked with a vast number of clients from preteens to elders. She has successfully treated people who struggle with anxiety, depression, loss and trauma. She works with couples who are mired in long-standing conflict  and communication difficulties. She works collaboratively and creatively with clients, creating a safe space in which people can open and become vulnerable in the service of growth and healing. 

She helps client's identify strengths and identify patterns of thinking and behavior that are no longer useful and replacing them with skills and behaviors that are more life affirming and sustainable.

She understands the importance of looking at all the psychosocial factors that shape our lives from family background to current life stresses and appreciates how these factors shape the issues that clients bring to therapy. 


Women's empowerment, Couples, Depression/ Anxiety, Transition/ Grief, Trauma Recovery, Divorce, Separation, Transition, Couples Issues, Trauma and PTSD.


Private Pay Rate $150+

Medicare, United Healthcare, Oxford, UMR and Other Insurances Out of Network.


LCSW #028483 (New York)

Client Focus

Individual, Couples, Family


Eclectic, CBT and Psychodynamic