"In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety."
- Abraham Maslow - 

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Therapists trained in a range of different modalities: Psychodynamic, Strengths-Based, Mindfulness, and more. We specialize in a range of different areas: Anxiety, Depression, Communication, Autism Spectrum Disorder, LGBTQIA+, Young Adult, EMDR, Codependence, Mindfulness, Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Stress, and more. 


Currently conducting sessions in-person and via Telehealth video/phone calls. Find a therapist you connect with and call or email today to get started on your journey towards mental health. Some insurance plans accepted, in and out of network: Northwell Direct, Aetna, NYSHIP and more.

Stephanie DiRaimondo,

[Not currently accepting new clients]. I provide a safe and compassionate environment for clients to examine their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When an individual is struggling with their mental health, it impacts their ability to maintain healthy relationships with loved ones, & overall daily functioning. I have a passion for developing a strong therapeutic relationship in order to ensure the utmost empathy and unconditional positive regard for my clients. Together, we will work towards understanding and regulating emotions, focusing on the self, and engaging in coping strategies that promote a positive, healthier mind, and stronger self-esteem.

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Deana Bologna, MHC-LP

I am a person-centered cognitive behavior therapist, which means I help you connect the dots between your thoughts, feelings, and choices. I will listen to you with a compassionate ear and help you think critically about the story you are telling not only about your past but about your future.

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Jamie Worthman, LMSW

[Not currently accepting new clients]. When people experience emotional pain or are struggling with their relationship to themselves, it can affect all areas of their lives. My passion is bringing understanding and healing to people struggling with these wounds. I help my clients find healthy perceptions of themselves, grow in self-worth, understand the origins of their wounds, and overcome the strong emotions that they evoke. 

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Jill Berger, LMSW

[Not currently accepting new clients]. Every person has had difficult moments in their life. This is one of the things that bonds us as human beings. We all have things in common, such as feeling the same emotions, dealing with similar situations, or having similar ways of thinking. Though we share these commonalities, each person has their own experiences that are unique to them. This is the perspective I take when it comes to my therapy practice. Each client brings their own unique set of needs and experiences, which needs a unique and individualistic therapy approach, different from the next client. 

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Markella Louros, LCSW

[Not currently accepting new clients]. One of the most courageous things we can do is to begin to understand our own story. What often precedes healing, however, is profound confusion and discomfort which deters us from delving deeper within. The process of growth is often accompanied by fear of the unknown and thus, can appear a daunting task. But you are not alone. My goal is to walk alongside you as you come to know yourself and navigate the path to a happier, healthier life. More importantly, what are your goals? What makes you feel safe? Therapy strengthens our insight by compassionately confronting ourselves with questions we have never dared to ask ourselves before.

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Chrissy Makris, LCSW

[Not currently accepting new clients]. Do you feel weighed down by feelings of anxiety of depression? Have you been struggling over the past few months, or even years, and are looking for someone to turn to you? Well, you have come to the right place. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker committed to helping adults, children, adolescents and couples find their path forward. I have been practicing for over 12 years and like to use a mix of psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness that is tailored to each individual. My work is person-centered and focuses on helping others develop healthy ways to manage stress, resolve conflict and heal from trauma in a safe and warm environment.

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Danielle Berg, LMHC

[Not currently accepting new clients]. Being human is hard. In addition to daily challenges, many of us weren’t shown how to feel and express our emotions, or how to communicate effectively with others. We may not have learned what healthy love looks and feels like, or how to care for and accept ourselves—because often, our caregivers hadn’t learned how to either. As a result, we often find ourselves experiencing painful emotions such as shame, anger, longing, worry, or hopelessness. Therapy is an opportunity to explore our experiences with curiosity and kindness, allowing us to gain insight into, make meaning of, and heal from the burdens we carry. 



Debora Gomes, LMHC

Life often comes with many unexpected challenges and we can often feel overwhelmed by big feelings and life events. Sometimes this can lead us to feeling stuck, not knowing which steps to take to move forward in life. I create a safe and supportive environment where we can explore life’s challenges together. My goal is to help guide you through processing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and learn healthier ways of coping with life’s stressors.



Jacquelyn Hammel, LMHC

[Not currently accepting new clients]. Perhaps you're feeling stuck, worried or afraid. Maybe you've never felt heard or understood. Maybe you've reached a point in your life that something doesn't feel right or something has to change and you're just not sure what to do. If this is the case, then talking it through in a safe space is the next step.  I believe beginning therapy is a courageous step toward being the healthiest version of yourself and living the best life possible, no matter what challenges you may be facing. 



Yessica Chicas, LMSW

To me, emotional well-being means being able to deal with life on your terms and finding meaning/purpose in work, family, friendship, spirituality, and all other aspects of your life. As a bilingual, licensed Master social worker, I specialize in mental health counseling for children, teens, and adults. I work with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, social and emotional issues, child/parent relationships, parenting and behavior management.

Spanish Speaking

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Talia Gutlove, LMSW

I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, so I employ a range of modalities to help people understand and heal from their pain, improve their self-worth,  and navigate their lives with more balance and serenity. I believe that a comfortable, supportive, and non-judgmental environment is vital for healing and growth. I pride myself on being easy to talk to, warm, and familiar. 




Michele Lyons, LMSW

[Not currently accepting new clients]. When roadblocks, difficult emotions or major transitions present themselves in life, we have an opportunity to grow. Therapy is a space to gain perspective, examine our lives, and engage in purposeful movement forward. My passion as a therapist is to see individuals tap into their own unique gifts and strengths as they create a life that brings them meaning. I believe that one of the most essential parts of the therapy process is a sense of safety to be oneself while working with someone who genuinely cares. This creates a backdrop from which you can explore thoughts and emotions and thrive in the uncertainty of change.

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Meredith Levy, LMFT

My goal as a therapist is to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for my clients to be able to work on problems and stressors that they are currently facing. I will work with you to create a trusting therapeutic relationship, which will allow us to get to the root of your symptoms. I use mindfulness, empathy, respect, and sometimes even humor to help create this alliance. As a Marriage and Family therapist, I am trained to help you learn how your behavior affects not only yourself, but your relationship as part of a couple and family.

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Jeraldine Fedoriw, LMSW

[Not currently accepting new clients]. I see therapy as food for the soul. It is nourishment that one receives by having the opportunity to open themselves and hear their own thoughts, words out loud so they can be heard, validated, understood. Therapy does not have to be complicated. It is a building block to strengthen our core and feel confident in our abilities to face the challenges.

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Chelsea Carver, LMHC-LP

[Not currently accepting new clients]. As life moves forward with its many demands of time and energy, therapy is a place to slow down and reconnect with who you are and where you are right now. Together we can explore your experience both internally and externally, and process any hardships which may disrupt your sense of peace and ability to move towards the person and life you wish to embody. Words and emotions can carry deep meanings, so as a therapist, my priority is not only to listen, but to truly hear you. In that, I aim to support your path of discovering and becoming more aligned with what fulfills you most in your life. 

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Hope Ansanelli, MHC-I

[Not currently accepting new clients]. “We are all in this together and there is no therapist and no person immune to the inherent tragedies of existence” (Irvin Yalom).  Each and every one of us has a story that we develop and carry throughout our lives.  Each and every one of us will experience hardships that can be part of living, i.e, life transitions, death of a loved one, loneliness, broken relationships, inequitable and/or abusive treatment, etc.,. And each of these experiences is interpreted by us and adds to the story of what our lives look like and how we believe it will unfold.

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Kevin Giannetti, LMHC

The first step is talking with someone compassionate who listens and tries to understand the world from your perspective. I know the importance of the relationship between therapist and client; therefore, I take a client-centered approach. Being able to tell your story and process it is the first step toward healing and initiating change. My approach is integrative, where I employ different therapeutic modalities to meet your unique needs best. 

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