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Support Local Mental Health

Advice From The Older Sister I Never Had: A Book Of Poems About Mental Health By Blake Rabinowitz

Blake Rabinowitz is a student in a local Long Island high school who hopes to join the mental health field one day. After presenting at a local mental health event, Blake felt inspired to connect with more than just her school community. We are happy to provide Blake the opportunity to reach more individuals who are looking to gain some coping mechanisms to handle their mental health in healthy ways. Keep reading to learn more about Blake and her story.

My name is Blake Rabinowitz and I am a sophomore in high school. At times, kids can use someone around their age or a little older to tell them they are not alone in having strong feelings. I created a kit that includes: a booklet of poems with guidance for these challenging teenage years, a list of the benefits and how to start journaling, a journal, and a pen. If you would like to support you can venmo $10 to @blake-rabinowitz (This covers the cost to make the kit and postage) Please add your name and address in the venmo message, or email me directly at  I want people to know they are not alone and they have the power to take steps, no matter how small, to start to feel better everyday.

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